13 November 2010

check this out...

little brother is getting in on the bike-riding action... he took off awesomely; and then he realized he was riding by himself and well, he's been practicing since that first time =)there is something so spectacular about watching Brad with these boys of ours. He truly is a fantastic daddy. There are so many spiritual lessons mirrored in this journey of parenthood, mostly because of the whole God-the-Father thing. And while I know Brad is not God, I do get a good picture of God's tender love for His children when I watch this man of mine with his boys. And when Walker pitches a crazy fit - yep, I get a real good glimpse of myself lashing out at my Heavenly Father. And man it looks ridiculous!
We are pretty excited around here because David and Casey are going to be joining us in this parenthood journey. We are thrilled for them and all the ways God is going to bless them in this. We are also pretty excited to have a new niece or nephew... and the boys are pretty happy about a new cousin coming soon!

In other news, I am trying to transform two of these "daddy dolls" into "Mommy dolls"
... one of my neighbors around the corner was in my Bible study class this fall and she called in a favor... She's having surgery (pretty extensive) to remove a tumor on her cheek. She is a momma to 6, her youngest two are girls. She brought me the dolls and asked me if I could make some little dresses for them. She has a picture of herself and hopes her girls will be comforted by them. I've been hitting a brick wall tonight, so I am hoping after some sleep I will be more creative. I want them to be fun for the girls, their momma is going to be gone for a week. I am sure she would appreciate your prayers on behalf of her family. (Her husband just recently got back from a deployment too).

in thankful news:
me: for hang-around-at-home Saturdays

and no-schedule means I totally forgot to ask the boys this morning.... but I think they appreciated the laid-back day too =)

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  1. I'll think about ideas for turning the doll into a mommy. Where did it come from, BTW? It's really cute.