15 November 2010

finished and refreshed

so after church we came home and had leftover pizza soup... then the boys played with GeoTrax while I played with girly fabrics, trying to make itty-bitty dresses... And this is what I came up with. Many prayers were uttered in the making of these little dresses, mainly that I would get them done and that my machine wouldn't break down! E's surgery was this morning and I wanted to make sure the girls' had their dolls before that... I ended up making 5 dresses for each doll, pretty simple design but man that super-hero-fabric is so fussy -- I thought it would make for some flashy dresses for the mommy dolls! Look at Wilson, I told him to "look happy!" He's got that down! I put little pig-tails in the dolls' hair too... Hopefully the girls have fun with them this week...
I got an update from E today. They removed a large portion of tissue from her cheek, but they did not have to go all the way to the lips and the nerves were unaffected. She will begin reconstructive surgery on Wednesday and will be in the hospital for at least two days once that begins... she isn't here in town, she is in her hometown with her momma. Please keep their family in your prayers this week, if you think of it.

Thankfully, I slept well Saturday night and was refreshed at church Sunday morning. (Brad was working.) We sang a new song at church and I found it today on youtube. It has pretty simple lyrics, but the words just bring things into clear focus. If you are struggling with things, big or small; if you are unsure about a decision you have to make; or if you just need to get a little perspective. Find yourself five quiet minutes and take in this song. I played it a couple times this afternoon (back-to-back) while Walker was laying on my chest. Those kind of midday snuggles with him are so rare. My heart was so grateful.

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  1. Love the dresses!!! You are a talented woman!!! What a blessing you are to E. and her girls. Love the song.