01 November 2010

halloween 2010

Super {squinty} Walker...

you can see he decided to go as Super Walker, rather than a Fireman. I added a little "super W" to the back of a Lightning McQueen t-shirt (it had a hole in it, so he wore it backwards). He was pleased!I love this picture...

Wilson to Mussy: "What are YOU lookin' at?"
Mussy to Wilson: "What are YOU lookin' at?"
And here they are ready to go... Mussy stayed with me to pass out candy. I ran out 44 minutes after trick-or-treating started, so I called the guys and caught up with them...
Sorting the loot...
Lots of suckers!

It was just about perfect weather. We were glad that Daddy had the night off! Always a blessing!


  1. Looks like you got tons of loot! Your boys are precious!

  2. awe. . . so cute! it was cold but sunny here, so we were thankful as well! Love the boys costumes! your such a creative mama. . . .wish I had an ounce of it for my kids!

  3. Great pics Amanda...I put the candy out for the boys! You guys know how much I wish I was there to enjoy all the excitement.

  4. Well, you got to hand out till you ran out - you also got to have fun with the Boys! Good Pictures!