18 November 2010

how to save a life

Wilson had a rather fun homework assignment this week. He had to disguise a turkey and then tell a story as if he were the turkey. He knew immediately that he wanted to make his turkey a batman disguise... he colored it...then asked me for some help... we modeled the turkey's mask off of Wilson's Halloween mask... except much tinier (is that a word? tiny-er?)
Mrs. Z said the kids could cut out their turkeys, so Wilson did some cutting and folding to accommodate the Batman disguise...
...tiny cape and all =)

I asked Wilson if he wanted to read his story on video so y'all could hear it, but he declined (vehemently). He started typing it, but then he kicked the surge protector and shut down the computer and now its shower time so I will retype it for him (hard to believe, but I actually type faster than someone, granted he is in 2nd grade, but still, I am a little surprised). Here's the story:

I picked this disguise so they will think I'm a super hero. Who would eat a super hero? I was feeling pretty lucky in my disguise. The family looked and looked but all they was a empty frezer. When I heard them on the phone ordering pizza I knew my Batman disguise had worked.

and this picture below, is just to show you how well Walker is doing with his "pumping." I'm glad we decided to keep the swingset a little while longer!

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  1. That is adorable! He's clever just like his mom.