24 November 2010

kitchen help

we did some baking this week... well, candy-making isn't really baking, but I just lumped it all together, ok? we made some caramels on Monday and we also made pie crusts. Yesterday we made some mini chocolate tartlets. I only made one pan of them because I am using my other pie crust for pumpkin pie today. I didn't think about halving the recipe for the filling, so there was a bowl-full of chocolate filling sitting on the counter... can you see Sir Sneakysneaksalot helping himself?He didn't mind getting caught either! I asked him how many times he had already done this, and he said, "Uh, I think three times."
This is a shot of the finished product. They are so-so in my opinion. I'll figure out a way to eat more of them, but I will use a different recipe for the filling next time.... probably Grandma Rose's chocolate pie recipe.


  1. Cute. Sir Sneaksalot. Very cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family. We miss you guys.

  2. oh man! I got that wrong! Sorry, Sir Sneakysneaksalot!