03 November 2010

outstanding panther cub

Wilson got all M's and one E on his report card this marking period! Seriously, if they are going to get a letter grade - why not let it be the ones we all understand?

He is doing really well in 2nd grade. His teacher adores him, and he adores her (Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers once again!). The school had an awards ceremony today - I got the letter yesterday ;) Here's Wilson getting his "Outstanding Panther Cub" certificate...This is the first year that they are giving out certificates for meeting the grade-level requirements, I thought his whole class was getting them - but there were only four of them. LOVE his sheepish grin as he is walking back to his seat....
And afterwards, I had him stand by this bulletin board for a picture - because earlier in the week he came home and told me that Mrs. So-and-so has this bulletin board in her room that says, "Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away." Dang if he is not the absolute sweetest 2nd grader!
And on the way home, Walker and I were rockin' out in the ol' Az to some of DC Talk's Greatest Hits (I remembered that we still had some CD's in the house, since Brad took the van and all my favs with him... and our Christian radio station doesn't always come in that great...) Walker really likes "Jesus is Still Alright" I saw him bopping around in the rearview mirror with Daddy's beret on... I snuck the camera out of my purse so I could sneak this shot of him....

Back in place, and I'm all up in your face. With a rhyme that I embrace, like a mother to her child. I'm kickin' it Jesus style. To the ones that think they heard, I did use the J-word; 'cuz I'm not too soft to say it - even if DJ's won't play it.


  1. Congrats to Wil!!! Way to go!!! I am with you on the letter grade. Why make things confusing????

    He is the cutest 2nd grader ever!!!

    Love Walker in the beret.. I can see him jamming out.

    Miss you all... hugs to everyone(including mussy).

  2. I am thankful that you keep this blog up so I can see all of the great things the Lord keeps doing in your lives! I am also thankful to have this bright spot in my day that sometimes seems to be so confusing and frustrating! Love you guys!