02 November 2010

quick change

its November! I flipped over parts of our wreath bunting to reflect our thankfulness!where there were pumpkins, there are snowmen...with a birthday cake... this was a Christmas gift last year, so it got no time outside of the box, so it might as well come out early ;) to get us ready!
and thus far, ONE nativity set is out. We put it on the landing this year...

And oh, what a glorious way to start your day... having your children setting up the scene for Emmanuel to join creation. (I snuck this picture from up above, Walker heard the camera turn on and was looking to protest, but he didn't know where I was!)

The commercial side of the Christmas season is already trying to barge its way in... The Toys R Us big book arrived last week! I feel like its such a battle to keep things simple, to keep the boys thinking about the Truth of Christmas. So we always bring out the nativity sets first. Wilson has Veteran's Day off, so we are planning on setting out the rest of the Nativity sets then. The rest of the decor will wait until after Thanksgiving. It helps keep us focused on "giving thanks!"

So this month, each day we are talking about what we are thankful for... someone on FB had some "challenge" posted about saying one thing you are thankful for everyday... (you know one of those copy & post in your status things) and it said it gets harder as you go. But I think when you are thinking about your blessings, it just gets easier and easier to list them. I don't know, what do you think? Doesn't it get easier? Maybe it depends on Who you are thankful to?

Yesterday this is what we were thankful for:
Me: morning coffee
Wilson: a bed to sleep in
Walker: a yard to play in

This morning:
Me: God's word and its availability in our language
Wilson: clothes
Walker: a playground across the street, my big family, my aunts and uncles

I'll try and post our conversation each day. When Brad is home, we'll include him. ;)
Mom L. is posting her list of "Thanks" on her blog too, if you want to check it out, click here. It really is a great way to keep focused on the important things when the culture is trying desperately to get you to spend, Spend, SPEND! And stress out about not having enough to spend, Spend, SPEND!

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  1. looking for ways to "give thanks" is a great way to see how God blesses our lives every single day!