28 November 2010

snowing inside...

we did a little art project this weekend... something about creating together as a family makes my heart really happy. Its the dorky-crafty-part of my heart I think. Here are the boys being silly by our snowflakes....I found the tutorial to make them on Craftynest.com, click here. I highly recommend printing the instructions and having them on-hand while creating (or have your laptop handy). I tried to make one from memory... and well, let's just say that after Wilson and Walker had completed theirs, it was obvious that mine was horrible. I told Brad that anyone that saw them would think Walker had made mine. And Walker replied, "Mom, I will tell everyone that my mommy made the ugly one." Super.
I ended up ripping mine apart and re-doing it while following the instructions. Much better! They are pretty simple to make, and rather stunning, I think. We didn't bother with paint or glitter, I am guessing they'll get trashed at the end of the season, but maybe we'll make more again next year. Let me know if you give them a try.

For full disclosure, we didn't have a protractor so we had to eye-ball our angles. Also, Walker did not get to use the glue gun. (Sometimes we are cautious like that.)


  1. Love it!!!! You are a cool mom!!! Creative, too.

  2. I think they are beautificusical!
    Stupendimanumus, and lovliorgious!

    Nice of Walker to help you with perspective...he sure lets you know where you stand...and I love Wilson's acting for the star picture...he's got it down!

    Love you guys!