20 November 2010

Twilight 5k Run

Last night was Amanda's first attempt at completing a 5k. When our church announced they'd being doing one to support wounded warriors at Fort Benning, we both decided it would be a good place for her to start. Her running had been hit or miss until about 5 weeks ago. She found a workout plan online, and she stuck to it for 5 weeks. I really wasn't worried about how fast she would finish it, but I just didn't want her to walk. She came close a couple of time last night to trying to walk, but she gutted it out and finished really strong. I have a GPS for running, so I was able to capture our run route and statistics. Below you'll find an animated map of it.

Twilight 5k Cascade Hills

This has been her theme song, but since I was running we her she ran without headphones.


  1. What a great way to encourage your wife! She made it, WOO HOO! nothing touches a moms heart more than seeing her married children encourage and work together to accomplish big and little things!

  2. Great job, Amanda!!! Very proud of you.

  3. Amanda, I'm so impressed. Very. Very. Rad. {both of you!)

  4. Great job to both of you! You guys are always an encouragement!