04 November 2010

we share shoes

if I leave my shoes around, you better believe Walker is going to try them on... today he agreed to let me take a picture (mainly because I told him Daddy would want to see). He was mad this morning because I told him to wear long sleeves then right before we walked out the door - I think when he tried to put his coat on - he realized his shirt wasn't long sleeves after all. I told him it was fine, because it was 3/4 sleeves. He wasn't happy. He was still protesting when we got to PWOC even. But man, it sure looks good with the jeans tucked-in look...I found myself some skinny jeans finally. I tried on a number of pairs before finding some that I thought were suitable. Thankfully Brad was there so I got his opinion and it was favorable. But I just can't shake the feeling that they make my feet look big.... (Walker took the picture, hence no face).


  1. I am not a fashion guru but I can check with my hip teen... I don't think you are suppose to wear tennis shoes with skinny jeans. Just saying.

    Love the boots on Walker....

  2. Your friend, Barbie, is too cool! She tells it like it is. Ha ha!