09 December 2010

cub scout Christmas party and something for Mom

so we get the award for taking the worst pictures at the Christmas party Monday night. Good thing Wilson is so cute, makes up for the fuzzy-focus... Here he is getting some more belt loops, and a present from Santa - a pinewood derby car kit!And here he is with a bunch of other scouts getting a patch for selling some popcorn.
And this is for you, Mom. I thought I'd be extra nice and get the boys and the dog in the wreath picture too... They didn't think it was extra nice though. LOVE the wreath, Mom! It is SO pretty on our door. Thank you =)


  1. Hey Mom! Send one to me too!!! Joking. Sorta. ;-)

  2. Thanks Amanda...and Dion...next year just send your address! I am just using my left hand for this Amanda.... :(