01 December 2010

Fantasy in Lights

we heard about this last year, and thought we'd go after the holidays but we missed it. So this year we got our tickets before Thanksgiving. We had to go on a "value" night or we wouldn't have gone at all... so this Sunday we loaded up. Pj's, hot cocoa, and the big white dog...Walker was mesmerized...
We had to wait in a line-up before we could drive through. After about 30 minutes we got to go... we drove through the gardens on very dark roads for what seemed like for-ev-er. We even wondered at one point if the car we were following took a wrong turn... but when we rounded the corner and saw these guys - we knew we were on the right road
This might have been my favorite section with all the snowflakes and white lights twinkling....
Walker could not get over the fact that "We drove through a big reef!"
And of course, Callaway would have to have some butterfly lights by the butterfly pavilion...
Brad appreciated me snapping pictures while he was driving.
It took us about 50 minutes or so to drive through the entire Fantasy In Lights. We had our windows down for most of it, because there was music that corresponded to each section. It was wonderful. Walker is still talking about the "reef."


  1. unbelievable! I just love seeing things through the eyes of little ones, they make it much more enjoyable!

  2. We went 2 years ago on the March of Dimes night. It's the only night you can walk through the lights. It was soooo c-o-l-d, but worth the experience on foot. If your around next year, you might check into it.

    Locally, you might checkout Ludy's. It's a fun, free local lights display. www.ludychristmas.com

  3. I love Calloway it sure looked like fun....I've NEVER driven through a reef!