18 December 2010

a little family Christmas

We headed out to see some of Santa's reindeer last night. We had cocoa and cookies while we waited in line...Wilson didn't care to see this Santa up-close, so I hopped in the sleigh with Walker. Santa requested chocolate chip cookies and milk for Christmas eve. Wilson also wants to leave him some fudge... I am sure Santa will appreciate the fudge!
This morning we did our little family Christmas... The boys got to unwrap their three presents from us. Walker found the pickle on the tree so he got to open the first gift (there is a video of the pickle-search, maybe Brad will upload it later...) He was pretty excited...
And here's Wilson with his first gift... I am not really liking how old he looks here... His daddy picked out a special card for his DS so all his games are consolidated. He was pretty happy about it.
Walker was SO thrilled to get a fake lizard and a fake tank for it. I have to admit, I was a little worried that he would be disappointed, but he was SO giddy about it! I love his crazy Christmas wishes!
Wilson is so serious when unwrapping his gifts...
And here is Walker with his third gift, a put-together-take-apart-vehicle set, called "Motor Works."
Wilson got a Lego Architecture set... he says he wants to be an architect when he grows up. He wanted to put the Empire State Building together immediately. He and daddy got it done really quickly.

One (out of three- how sad is that?) of Walker's gifts was a duplicate of another puzzle he already had so we are going to donate that to a Toy Drive today. Brad is picking up the requested puzzle at the PX after he signs out on leave today. Oops.

Tonight we're having a little family Christmas dinner. I am attempting to make my first torte, a Lutz family favorite. I sure hope it turns out! We'll also be packing up so we can roll on out of here soon. Christmastime is officially underway... and its continuing until the 31st so that makes it extra special this year! =)


  1. Love it! Merry Christmas! Be safe.

  2. Can't wait to see you! I loved seeing the boys unwrap their gifts.

    We're taking Jack to see Santa tomorrow, hope Bronner's isn't too crazy! What are we thinking the weekend before Christmas.

  3. Sorry we missed dinner with you guys. The boys look so old...we have to get together in Jan. Have a safe trip and I hope you all enjoy your time with family. Give YAYA a big hug from me.