13 December 2010

zhu zhu gifts

I think most of you know that we usually do the Angel Tree each year... we usually choose kids the same age as each of our boys and let them pick out gifts. Well, last year that changed because our church hosts a Giving Tree for some local families. We sign up to help two kids and they tell us their names and ages (instead of choosing our own). This year we got to shop for a little girl, and she wanted a Zhu Zhu Pet. I decided to make her some accessories to go with it, so we could stretch our dollars a little further. I used Walker's Zhu Zhu pet as a model.

I am not sure which is cuter in this picture, the Zhu Zhu's dress or Walker's face. And here's the little bed and pillow...
I wanted to make sure that the little girl knew what these little bits of fabric were when she opened them so I made some packaging to go with it.

Walker decided that the dresses were "adorable" (his word!) and asked if he could keep one because his Zhu Zhu pet is a girl. I told him no, but maybe sometime after Christmas I'll make one for his.... if he asks again ;)


  1. oh my craftiness!!! Those are too cute. I love Walker's face!! The packaging is a super great idea. She is going to love, love, love it!!!

  2. I love, love, love that first picture! Been reading but not having time to post. Thank you for the adoption update. Hope you have a safe and blessed Christmas!