10 January 2011

alright stop, collaborate and listen

ice is back with a brand new invention... ice ice baby, too cold, too cold
Friday afternoon there was mention of some winter weather maybe coming our way. Saturday, the weatherman confirmed it was indeed on its way. By Sunday morning I decided I needed to go to the commissary to "stock-up" before the weather came. So after lunch, I went over to pick up a few things. I really just needed dish soap because I forgot it last week and we barely had any left. Sometime during worship Sunday morning, it occurred to me that it might be a good time to make cinnamon rolls for the neighbors, so I picked up some flour, butter & whole milk. (I never said they were healthy.)

We got the phone call late yesterday afternoon that school was cancelled. It hadn't even begun raining yet, but I guess the weathermen here have a good track record with their forecasts.

I mixed up the dough last night, so this morning I just had to roll it out & bake them. Walker was thrilled to help mix up the icing! (Wilson was reading!)
We made 7 pans and delivered 5 of them. 4 went to neighbors that we've only waved at prior to this... we included a little note too, "Hope you have a sweet snow day!"
One pan went to our neighbor T, I've mentioned her before - her son is the same age as Wilson. When I got to her house, she was on the phone with her husband who was stranded across post because their car broke down... he reported for a ceremony that was cancelled (but no one told him), and then his car wouldn't start. T said he had been out there for an hour! Of course, Brad went over and gave him a jump and followed him towards home. But shortly after that, the car broke down again - so they left it on the side of the road and Brad gave him a ride the rest of the way home.

They made it home safe and sound, the roads weren't really that bad - just the overpasses. Brad had to go to work tonight (back to the 36 on, 36 off shift). It worked out well that he had a bonus day with Wilson though. That is the hardest part of his schedule, with Wilson at school, he doesn't get to spend much time with him.

So the little ice storm was truly a gift. And getting to help out our neighbors was the bow on top.


  1. Mmmmmm.....those cinnamon rolls look good, girl!
    It's nice to have a snow day isn't it. We're actually on Snow Day #2 today...crazy, huh?

  2. Amanda,
    Our joke about being stranded at the airport came true for JoDee's son Ryan...he's in Atlanta for his second day....he got the only flight that left Detroit to Atlanta on Sunday!