25 January 2011

legoville and other creative endeavors...

FINALLY! I got around to photographing Legoville in Wilson's bedroom. This boy loves building with LEGOs!You can kinda tell by the look on his face, huh?
I made this little monster for our neighbor's son's first birthday... I got the tutorial here, and then made it work with the materials I had on hand... of course, the heart is ACU... (this picture was before Wilson's haircut...getting kinda outta control there...)
And I made this party hat too... I found that tutorial here. I used materials I had here as well, except I had to buy a pack of party hats for $1.59. But now I can make 7 more. In my head, the Mickey Mouse-to-hat-ratio looked differently. Overall, I think it was pretty cute though.

D. did a good job leaving it on his head too. So cute!


  1. Yes he loves the lego's...the little stuffy was really cute...the hat was cute too...Good job girl!

  2. everything is so cute... but Wilson looks tooooooooooooooo old.

  3. You are so creative. I love that you are putting the tutorials on the site!
    Where do you get all your fabric?

  4. Was that little monster tedious to make? Looks well done! Now you can work on personalized hats for the next party, including you and Brad! I bet the boys play with those legos for hours. :)