13 January 2011

a little bit of new year organization...

I think I said I would post these yesterday, but the weird thing is I didn't get around to it until today. I hope nobody lost sleep over it ;)

So part of this crazy-adoption-waiting involves a mental list of things to do to get ready for our child to come home. This storage closet has been on my list for a long time... There was a fair amount of space, but a lot of it wasn't being utilized...I used some of my Christmas money to buy the cheapest shelves I could find (which I sort of regretted during the assembly process... but now that they are together, I am glad I bought the cheap ones). We have not done the donate-sort yet, so there isn't a lot of empty shelf space, but I am happy with the result now. Its much easier to access stuff, and I moved some things from Wilson's closet to this one... which makes it ready for Walker to share if God should bless us with a girl! =)
And, oh my. The crafting area. This picture actually makes it look really good. You can just barely catch a glimpse of the mountain o'fabric this side of the cutting mat. I made a deal with myself that I couldn't make any projects until after this mess was organized...
I didn't have to spend a dime to make these changes. Just had to do some sorting and rearranging... Not sure how this will hold up after the new one comes home, but at least it will be easier to change if necessary at that time.
Walker wanted to be in the "close-up" shot of my fabric organization. We tried the eyes-closed-1-2-3-OPEN! trick for this picture. Kinda reminiscent of crazy-eyes-Walker. Anyway, about the fabric storage solution... I had used some old moving boxes as make shift shelving in that storage closet before, so I cut them up to make little "bolts" to fit my fabric pieces on... larger pieces are arranged in the boxes behind Walker. Medium size pieces are in the basket right behind Walker and itty-bitty scraps are in a bin in the basket on the bottom shelf.

I am hoping that this will make my fabric pieces easier to access and keep my penchant for saving every last scrap simmered down a bit... because I will have to take time to roll it on a mini-bolt I hope that I will think to myself, "Self, are you sure you need this 1"x 3" scrap when you still have half a yard of it?" And self will say, "Actually, I don't think you do." And everyone will be happier.
It feels really good to be making progress while we are waiting. A friend of mine recently posted on FB that she was preparing for rain. On her blog she wrote that people that pray for rain should carry an umbrella. By knocking out that storage closet and the crafting area, I feel like I bought a new umbrella and some matching rain boots. Bring on the rain!

p.s. I saw the cardboard bolt idea somewhere long ago on a blog and thought, "what a good idea." and I have no idea who to give credit to for it. I was just excited to continue my cardboard recycling efforts... I cut up one of the shelf boxes too. =)


  1. love the craft area!!! I have something that may interest you. It is a shelf with bins in it... I will bring it that way in Feb.(maybe I should put it in my car today so I don't forget).

    Girl, God is still preparing you for you new little one.... I love talking with you and hearing how He continues to talk to you througout this journey. You are a very good listener. The glory that you give to Him for everything is awesome... I am constantly reminded that He is in the details and He wants to be very much a part of our lives. Thank you for sharing each step of the way with this new adventure....I love ya!!!!!

  2. I love your organizing Amanda. You always have clever ideas. I am redoing my quilting class and am hoping to be acquiring more things for quilting in the future!

  3. Love the cardboard idea for the fabric. I'll have to try that!!! I've been following your blog but haven't had much time to write in. Miss you, love you. Praying for you!