22 January 2011

love (languages) spoken here

every once in awhile, I think to myself, "I am going to make a deposit in Brad's love tank." I don't remember when I actually read "The Five Love Languages." But it did have a big impact on me... and I think our relationship. I know every single day I should be striving to make a deposit in Brad's love tank, but I'm being honest, I don't often think about it... at least not in those exact terms.

But Friday, I was thinking of it in those terms. Brad had mentioned earlier in the week that I should bake a blueberry pie. I knew he would be surprised if I actually did. His love language is "acts of service." If I just baked a pie, but the left the house a mess, I would've missed my chance. So I baked a pie and made sure I cleaned up afterwards. The laundry was more or less caught up and the floors were clean. It always feels good when you get ready to make a big deposit, I was pretty excited for Brad to get home (he is in a school -WLC- for 20 days, and there is no way of knowing for sure what time he'll be home each day.)

The funny part is, when he came home, he was speaking my love language - which is "gifts." ...and especially gifts of doughnuts.
Have I mentioned lately that my husband rocks?


  1. Both speaking each others love languages!!! Awesome!!!!!

  2. hmmm... we should read that book again.