11 January 2011

marble race track

the "snow" day (yesterday) gave Wilson and Daddy a chance to build this awesome marble race track. It has since been reconfigured at least four times. I started to shoot a video of the marble drop yesterday but the camera died... and I am not sure where the charger is. So finding it will be on my "to-do list" tomorrow.

It was so wonderful to have Wilson home again today. He actually wore the same pajamas ALL DAY LONG two days in a row. With a bleach bath in between. Brad was at work, but got to come home for 5 minutes and give us kisses! The boys and I made some more space in our storage closet and I finally organized my sewing/crafting area. Once I find the battery charger, I'll take some pics of that too... I know you can hardly wait, right?

I'm not positive, but I think Wilson will have school tomorrow. =)

1 comment:

  1. This does look like fun...I'll be on pins and needles until you get the video on...find the battery charger! Love you guys...ready to come and see you again!