23 January 2011

never let go of your friendship

yesterday (Saturday) morning, at approximately 7:oo am, this conversation took place...

Walker: Mom, did you know if you you let go of your friendship, you will never see your friend again?
Me: No, really? How do you know that?
Walker: Because I wrote a song about it.

Last night before bed, Walker agreed to let Brad make a little video for your viewing pleasure.


  1. American Idol can stop the search!!

  2. Oklahoma born Walker Lutz began writing songs when he was just four years old, with his favorite guitar hung from his shoulders with a guitar strap handmade from his mother, his father began his videographic career! Or something like that....what a guy! And so this journey begins

  3. Wow! You can tell he's been raised in the south. What an accent!
    Love it!