05 January 2011

smorgasboard of michigan photos

this just might be my all-time-favorite picture - Grandma in my boots =)Silly-faced boys with Yaya
At the Sloan Museum with Grandpa Carl, who let Walker drive?
Can you tell they were excited to play in the snow?
Christmas morning with Great Grandma
Christmas Night with Great Grandpa Lewis and his greats
Puppies! Wilson r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to bring one with us...
collage of gift-opening...
collage of sledding...
We had a lot of very wonderful moments as always. We are truly blessed by our families and the gift of time together. The time always seems to go by too quickly. And I never take enough pictures.

We decided to leave our Christmas decorations up at least until this weekend. There are gifts all over the place and all kinds of organizational nightmares lurking in each closet. We'll make do. =) One day at a time.


  1. I'm so glad we had time together...it always goes too fast for me! Memories are there forever though to call up when we need to. Glad I could add some to the organization nightmare...it's so much fun to agonize over what to get!

  2. Like the blog. I was just perusing and couldn't help but notice that the boys didn't get any (emphasis added) boxing gloves for Christmas!?!? I really liked the architectural Legos though.

  3. Cute pictures. Sure miss seeing the ones with the Lutes!
    I always enjoy watching your boys grow into bigger and better things. Great Aunt Enid

  4. I missed this one! Just saw it, good pictures! Love that one with Gma and boots but the one with her and the boys Christmas morning is very nice! (and Ma-skoka too)