30 January 2011

the start of 'something beautiful'

Brad and Wilson got started on the Pinewood Derby car yesterday. They really did work on it together!
I loved watching Wilson as he was trying hard to make progress... concentrating so diligently!
They started with some sanding too... more to come...
So, in reality, the Pinewood Derby car might not actually be something beautiful in and of itself. But the process is breathtaking. I don't, for a second, take for granted that Brad is here building this little car with Wilson. Its a beautiful gift. These are the moments I treasure.

and now I have this song in my head...


  1. Pinewood derbys are so fun! Bren has a couple trophies, even a first place. Hope Will has a blast!

  2. The guys at work are really getting into the Pinewood Derby cars. Carl had the dealership paint and clear coat Nate's car. Wasn't fair buy he won 1st place for the paint job. Love Sandy