21 January 2011

super foods

so, with it being the New Year naturally this month's Real Simple had an article about the 30 Healthiest Foods - "super foods." I glanced over it, and then a day or so later when I was reminded of it, I asked the boys if they'd like to try some of these super foods this year. Initially, the way I remembered it, I thought there were 50 foods, so about one super food a week. Well, when I got the magazine out again, I realized that it was only 30 foods. Much easier to do, right?

A couple things we already eat often - skim milk, boneless skinless chicken breasts, broccoli, black beans and kidney beans. A few things we've tried before - with little success - like avocados and mushrooms. But overall, I think it will be kind of a fun adventure for all of us.

This week I bought mangoes because I thought for sure they were a super food... my Real Simple had a mango smoothie recipe... Walker had three servings of it, and Wilson liked it too. One mango was more ripe than the other, I think if they were both equally ripe it would've been even more spectacular. Brad wasn't feeling well so he opted out of the mango smoothie...

... which I guess is fine, because its not even one of the super foods. Nice.

I decided I would start marking them in the magazine and picking one (or two) to add to the cart. Maybe that way I can stick to the actual list. I did buy some edamame (on the list) and oranges (also on the list) and right now a blueberry pie is baking in the oven... is it still super if its in a pie? Maybe a little.

I doubt that sardines or bulgur will ever make their way into our regular rotation, but I figure if we can add a few super foods here and there, then we'll be moving in the right direction. And that's what its all about.


  1. When I was a kid, we always ate sardines on saltine crackers. I said always and I mean this was something done often, as a snack with dad (mom is allergic to fish).

    JC had mentioned he had never had them so one day, not long ago, I saw them on the shelf at the store and picked them up. And saltine crackers, as well. JC was pretty grossed out by the sight of them - this is the man who does all the dirty work around the house, AND the man who eats ANYTHING set before him - but I got him to try them and he said they weren't bad.

    If you're going to eat sardines, I strongly suggest the saltines!

    Love that you're trying new foods - need to do the same around here!

  2. Ahh the adventure of finding a "new" taste that is delightful to the pallet! Is that how you spell that? I like everything you mentioned...the sardines.... I have seen where you use it as an ingredient in a sauce....not overbearing, but yucky to work with! Love you all!

  3. I think that bulgar would be good in soup, isn't it like barley?

    Great idea sis.

  4. Ohhh, I love Mango's. I stop every morning on my way to work and pick up a mango for lunch. Now I'll have to go and get the magazine and make some smoothies. Love Sandy