17 January 2011

super stars!

Wilson got this "Certificate of Unbridled Achievement" for outstanding citizenship at school. It entitled him to a free shake at Red Robin...He was pleased, and we are proud. We ended up having lunch, so the shake didn't really seem "free" but it was a fun time anyway. (Brad and I found out that if we split a burger we didn't leave with stomach aches. Go figure. They even cut the burger in half and brought it out in separate baskets!)
And here is Walker modeling his guitar strap... my first project in the organized area! He picked the fabric which was actually a men's-button-up-shirt that I thrifted for a quarter a few month's ago...
The Guitar Hero is quite pleased with the results!

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  1. A+++++ to all the hero's in this story...Wilson, Walker, and Dad and Mom....Great job to all!