29 January 2011

week in review

I thought some of you might be wondering if Walker and I are still doing "school." (Yes, I still have to put it in quotes). School has turned out to be much less structured than I initially thought it would be... and I am ok with that. Walker is still enjoying when we do school and I think he is learning a lot. Its totally not the way I imagined it would go - but I am pretty sure its better!

We were given some more homeschool supplies this week, so naturally Walker was super excited to play with those... For math, he got a pack of sharks and cards for practicing patterns. I am not sure if it was Sid the Science Kid or another PBS character, but someone taught Walker patterns long before I brought them up. We did some alphabet bingo - he had to say the letter sound after I called the letter name, before he could put a marker on his card. He LOVED this!
We've been working on Hooked on Phonics too, he finally has all 26 initial letter sounds down, so we began the workbook this week. I think he'll be putting sounds together to make words in the next week or so... I would be disappointed if I missed out on this part of his learning.

In other news, it has warmed up here. Not sure how long it will last, so we're going to soak it all up as much as possible. Walker was thrilled to (finally) try out his potato gun.
And I was working on some memory verse motivators for our Bible study group at PWOC. I'm co-teaching "Tour of Duty: Preparing Your Heart for Deployment." Its a really great study. I am honored to teach it, and blessed to be working with such a fantastic lady. We set a goal to memorize one verse each week. I thought it'd be fun to make some little "prizes" as incentives. So this week I made some ACU bookmarks with hearts ♥
Oh, and look what fits Wilson now... his Daddy's old sweater. This used to be part of the decor in his nursery when he was itty-bitty Wilson. And now it fits him. Wow. Some things are just unbelievable.

Brad and Wilson started the pinewood derby car today. I'll post some pictures of that tomorrow... if I get around to it. ;)


  1. wOW THOSE pattern cards are neat... I need to start with Jack more... Alphabet Bingo seems like a good motivator...
    Last week I got him an alphabet sheet with erasble crayons you can write with and he really seemed to like that. Love ya sis.

  2. Grandma Lutz's handmade sweaters are the BEST! too bad we still don't have some of her mittens :(, love love love the bookmarks! what a great treat for your Bible Study friends to receive and to treasure!