10 January 2011

weekend update

so, I finally found some motivation to get things in order after our return from Michigan. Brad had to go back to work Saturday so I thought it would be fun to surprise him by packing up all the Christmas stuff while he was working... I let the boys have a relaxing day, and just called in reinforcements when absolutely necessary. I couldn't resist this picture of Walker... I am thinking it just might be time to retire this old Buzz Lightyear costume, he still loves it! (Rene check out the belt he fashioned from that annoying-tube-thing you got him!!)Oh the stuff. It actually worked out really well to pile all the pieces on the table before bringing in the bins to pack it away. See you next year, Christmas decor. Stay safe.
The boys tried out their fort-kit from Great Aunt Becky. SO awesome! I considered sewing something like this for the bunk beds, but never got around to it... I am glad too, because I was just going to use an old sheet... camo is much more fun!
While I was packing stuff up, they were busy getting stuff out... We haven't done the annual post-Christmas "what-can-we-donate-because-we-have-an-overwhelming-amount-of-toys" sort yet... its coming, most likely this next weekend. So far Wilson has suggested getting rid of some matchbox cars... of course, they don't really take up much space around here ;)
Oh, and if he wasn't helping Walker get stuff out, Wilson was reading. Today he finished the last of the books that Uncle Colson let him borrow. He sure loves reading. I'm going to see if I can find a Bible reading plan geared for his age. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love that picture of Wilson reading... a man that loves to read!!!!! What is he reading now???

    Walker is so creative....love the belt.

    I do the same thing with my Christmas stuff.... all onto the table and then into bins. I have found I leave less out that way. I always seem to leave at least one thing out each year.. this year was a cheeseball bowl left in the frig.
    Hope to see you soon!!!! Hugs to every one!!!!