16 February 2011


Fantastic! The weather this week is just stunningly beautiful.

Here's a picture of the boys at cub scouts Monday night. A total drama-free zone - at least for now. They were working on collections, so they were gathering leaves.Tiptastic!
This is just a bonus tip for anyone that is interested. If you have a never-fail cookbook, but try a recipe that is "nasty." Its helpful to mark it. Otherwise you might make it twice thinking that its from the never-fail cookbook and therefore a good option. Never be afraid to write what you think in your cookbook. Your family will thank you for it. (and also, it will make you giggle when you flip past the page while finding other recipes that are actually good...)
Did I mention that Barbie cleaned out her fabric stash before she and Logan came last week? And that she brought all of this to me?????
It sat piled there right under the living room window for a week. But I tackled it, and this is what I came up with... Did I mention that she brought the storage too? Pretty stinking rad, huh?
I have 8 crayon rolls cut up & pressed waiting to be sewn together. I haven't made any since November, but I keep getting little checks from Bit of Benning, so I thought I should make some more.

I'll try to take some more pictures of the boys enjoying the beautiful weather. I think my freckles started peeking out! ;) My favorite time of year!


  1. The weather here is great, too. I am hoping it will stay around.

    What a great job you did on organizing the fabric... looks like it is all ready for a project!!! So glad that it all has a new home. I am sure there will be more when I see you again.

    Give the boys a hug from us!!!!!

  2. Did you actually make that recipe twice??? I usually put an "X" or "No" but I think I'll start writing "Nasty"! That is so much more fun!

    Wow on the fabric!!! Very cool! I love fabric. It's nearly addicting.

  3. I love the "tastics" too cute!