14 February 2011

blog catch-up

Happy Valentine's Day!

so, this is the first day of blogging in February... so I am just going to jumble this altogether in one big, messy post. Be sure to check out the Pinewood Derby post too, below this one...

First of all, you all know that Brad completed WLC (Warrior Leader Course), right? And that he was on the Commandant's List, right? He graduated last Tuesday. I wasn't invited to the graduation because "its no big deal." I'm still quite proud of him for working hard, even if it didn't matter.

Also, Barbie and Logan came for the weekend a week ago. Guess how many pictures I took while they were here? Zero. Wow, that's even worse than my crappy average at Christmas. We did have a very fun time though, and will have to do it again soon.

Ok, on to the picture portion of this post.

The Army has changed a lot of things about WLC, it used to be 30 days in the barracks with a 2-hour break on Sundays. Now its only 21 days and only 4 nights in the barracks.

One of those four nights that Brad was in the barracks found me crafting. A friend of mine from Oklahoma has been waiting to adopt from foster care for quite some time. She found out that she was "paper pregnant" and announced it on FB. The boys were already in bed and Brad was gone. I was so giddy that I had to do something or I would never be able to sleep. So I made this purse... pictures are in the opposite order, here's the inside... lined with a fabric that Rene gave me for Christmas...and the body is made from a skirt I got at the thrift store, with the ruffle made from the same fabric as the liner... I finally bought the strapping this week so I could finish it. {I did fall asleep after getting my craft-on but I am still quite giddy about my friend's new-family-dynamic and enjoy reading her updates each day on FB! Its very encouraging to my heart!}
And we got a note on Thursday that Wilson was going to be honored on Friday for being an "Outstanding Panther Cub" again... he got all M's and 1's on his report card for the 2nd quarter.

Because of the late notice, Brad wasn't able to join Walker and I at the little assembly. Wilson was one of two from his class... Shaking the principal's hand... while the older student-leaders look on {they gave little speeches to the kids about working hard, it was quite entertaining}
You might be able to guess by this picture that Wilson wasn't thrilled with the idea of posing with his brother and his certificate for his picture...
Right after I snapped the above picture the "Family Life Consultant" walked up and commented on how fortunate I was to have such good boys... This 2nd picture is a tad better... and something about the way their mouths are in this picture just makes me smile.
We are proud of Wilson's continued hard work at school and thankful that the administration recognizes the importance of encouraging the kids & parents to keep it up.


  1. WOW! your crafting skills are soon gonna rival "Vera"! awesome purse! way to go Wilson! Walker is one "cutie pie" for sure! Good job Brad!

  2. I really love that picture of Wilson with turned, not wanting the picture. It's so real life, isn't it?

    I've missed your posts. Glad to know you guys are doing well.

    Love your purse, your cutie pie and your friend's news!

  3. Oh, and congrats to Brad for all his great job! I ran across our Praying for Brad bands today. So proud to be your friend. Thanks for your sacrifices!!!

  4. Love the finished product of the purse. It looks great. We are blessed to call your family our family. We are also very proud of your hubby!!! He is a fine soldier.

    Congrats to Wil!!!! Way to go man!!!

    Our visit was way too short. We will have to do it again really soon. We are looking at our calendar for Spring break.

  5. What in the sam hill is an M?
    Goodness, teachers these days! I tell ya!

  6. and I really like the purse. did you have a pattern?