14 February 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Did I mention there was some cub scout drama? The den leader resigned, and the Wolf Den is now split in two and somehow we are in the leader-less half of the den.

So we weren't even sure if the Pinewood Derby was going to happen. Thankfully we got an email Tuesday with the details about the event and Wilson & Daddy were able to finish up #71. Wilson picked that number (only he knows why) and orange paint...All the competing scouts sat on this side of the track until their car was up to race... Wilson opted out of wearing his uniform for race day, so you can spot him - the one with the green hoodie on...
This is where the boys sat while their cars were on the track. Each den had at least 3 heats to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Wilson and another boy tied for 3rd place...
These two watched their cars race FIVE times to see which one would win 3rd place. They would race, then alternate lanes and race again. The first four times, the boys' alternated winning, so they decided to delay the final tie-breaker until the very end. The final race was "Winner Take Third" with no lane-switching. I didn't even watch the race, I just focused on Wilson and captured this picture as his car crossed the line. It was a close race, and thankfully these two were r-e-a-l-l-y good sports about the whole thing. They shook hands right afterwards.
And here he is with #71, his certificate, and see his little 3rd place ribbon on his sweatshirt? He was pleased and the day was a success. We were already discussing plans for next year's car - to include possibly enlisting some help from Mr. Curry's power tools.

{As for the cub scout drama, I think we'll stick with the leader-less half of the den and just share the responsibility of leading den meetings until the end of this year. Who knew there would be drama even with the little cub scouts?}


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  2. people can cause drama in anything! how ridiculous that they chose to do it in something that's supposed to be a huge benefit to boys! I bet it was about "control" issues! so glad that the race went on, without any further drama, and that Wilson got himself a good ribbon out of it! 3rd place! pretty good for his first derby! (deleted post was by me, I had a spelling error, forgot to proof-read!)

  3. Brendan was in cub scouts 3 or 4 years and there was drama EVERY year! We had at least 3 different sets of leaders. Really, its probably because moms are involved. I don't think dads would have near this much drama! We managed to have good memories nonetheless and Brendan has no memories about the drama!