18 February 2011

spring-ish weather post

Muskoka got a new frisbee last week... and something about it just makes me think she looks ridiculous when she retrieves it.Walker has been thoroughly enjoying the extra outside-time this week. I'm still glad we decided to keep that old swingset around for awhile, he LOVES swinging.
Last night after dinner we went for a walk around the block. I told the boys do go stand on the hill so I could take a picture while the sun was setting. My instructions were, "Look at the camera!"
Almost got them both to do it at the same time in this one.

The weatherman is forecasting a lovely weekend. I've gotta feeling he might be right.


  1. Amanda, Your photos are so bright, crisp and beautiful. I got a DSLR for Christmas, and I'm struggling to get good shots when I take it off auto. Would you consider spending a morning with me and walking me through some basics?

  2. looks like they are enjoying their freedom from the house~ The kids played outside almost all day, lots of MUD....but they had fun and I'm sure will be ready for an early bedtime!