23 February 2011

updates! updates! updates!

(I'm hearing the title in a monster-truck-rally-announcer's voice. You?)

(Also, do not get your hopes up too high. These are run of the mill updates, not earth-shattering-make-sure-you-are-sitting-down updates. I would have a much fancier title for that kind of update.)

1). I'll start with the least-interesting.

Sometimes when I have had a headache on a previous day, I put my hair in low pig-tails instead of a regular ponytail. And I feel fifteen. Except when I was fifteen my hair wasn't long enough for pig-tails. Maybe that's why I opt for them when I am thirty-four. Other times, when I haven't had a headache in awhile, I whip my hair back and forth. Just sayin.

2). Brad is going to the promotion board tomorrow. He knew he would be going, but didn't know it would be so soon. God's timing is sometimes surprising. He has been studying and also polishing his boots. I have been praying for him a lot. I have also been praying for the men that will be questioning him tomorrow. (For those of you that don't know, going to the promotion board is just one step in the process of getting promoted. If he does well tomorrow, he won't come home promoted. We'll keep you posted on that.)

3.) Adoption news. We are waiting. God is faithful. We are at a point in the process where we can look at photolistings of children and "inquire" about the potential matches. I have asked God to guard my heart in this process so that I don't obsess about the little faces that I see. I trust that He is moving even now. I don't have a lot of evidence of that to share with you, but I do have a lot of peace. He has also been faithfully encouraging me with stories of other adoptive families as well as Bible stories of people that have waited. And a lot of those folks waited a good, long time.

4.) Wilson has a big goal for this year. We are working on getting some details together to help him start working toward reaching that goal. More details soon. Like by early next week at the latest. (I had to post this here to motivate us to finish up the loose ends.)

5.) The weather is still ridiculously awesome. Visitors are welcome.

Finally. I'll share a song with you. Its from Steven Curtis Chapman's album, "Beauty Will Rise." He recorded it after the death of their little girl, Maria. Brad downloaded the album for me after I read "Choosing to See," by MaryBeth Chapman. This album has grown on me over the months. This is one of my favorites right now...

"I've dropped anchor in your promises
and I am holding on
'cause you are faithful.
God, You are faithful.
I will proclaim it to the world,
I will declare it to my heart.
I'll sing it when the sun is shining,
I will scream it in the dark.
You are faithful"

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