21 March 2011

active weekend

Two boys on bikes! Walker got motivated after discovering that his friend learned how to ride without training wheels last week.One daddy running to keep the little one from falling...{too hard and too often} Walker's legs have quite a few bruises today. I think he estimates 100 million bruises, which might be a tad high ;)
Mommy running her 2nd 5k!

Thankfully Kelley (a friend from PWOC) was able to set a good pace for me. She just ran a half-marathon last month. Kelley's son and daughter are right next to us. We finally caught up to them with about 1/4 of a mile to go!

And here we are at the finish line. 3 minutes faster than my last 5k! Brad and the boys were a great cheering section! (Kelley's daughter won for her age group!)


  1. Yeah, Amanda and Kelley!!! Great job!!!!

  2. Good Job! Love Meme

  3. Congrats Amanda on the 2nd 5k...proud of your achievement!