14 March 2011

Birthday wishes

Today after Wilson finished his homework, he started telling me about a project they were working on at school...

Wilson: "It's about Birthdays. I said I would want a trip to the U.P for my birthday."
Me: "Oh, you want to go to the U.P.? Huh?"

Wilson: "But that was my second thing. My first one was a new cousin."
Me: speechless, maybe slightly teary-eyed with a big smile.

Wilson: "Do you think he will be on July 11th?" (Casey's due date!!)
Me: "Well, we won't know for sure until it gets closer."

Wilson: "How long are people usually pregnant for...after they find out they are pregnant?"
Me: "Nine months." I replied abruptly, hoping the conversation doesn't take a less-heartwarming turn for a more scientific inquiry into pregnancy details.

Wilson: "OH! So that's 3 quarters of a year? Right! It is because 6 months is half a year and half of 6 months is 1 quarter." Walks away.
Me: Speechless again. Puzzled by the way this boy's mind works. Feeling blessed by how sweet he is.

Who knew he was so excited about a new cousin?


  1. He's SO smart! That's neat that he's excited about a new cousin. Precious!

  2. Who knew he was such a math wiz! Geez...good thing he is in the "gifted" class!

  3. I'm still wrapping my head around 2 +2...what is that again? Cousins should be exciting!

  4. WOW, I am still learning math!