07 March 2011

building; crazy socks; & add-on prayers

On Saturday, we took the boys to the Home Depot to build "something useful" as part of the Wolf Cubs achievement... Race Cars are useful, right? I think Thomas the Tank Engine would think they are useful. Very useful. The boys loved it...I can't for-the-life-of-me figure out why we haven't taken advantage of this free activity before. I have a feeling we'll be doing it again... Maybe the next project will be even more useful? Stay tuned.
This week Wilson's school is honoring Dr. Seuss. Today was crazy-sock-day... this is about as crazy as boys' socks get, I think. Wil wore jeans to school so he doubts anyone will even see them.

And this morning at breakfast, Walker said he "prayed in my head."

So, Wilson prayed for himself & me. After Wilson finished praying, Walker added something on, "and please help me not to sneak any candy from the candy bowl today."

Wilson and I both smiled.

(background: Last week Walker got out the step ladder so he could help himself to the candy bowl (on the top shelf, inside a cupboard.) I walked into the dining room, not aware that Walker was up on the counter and startled when I saw him moving, which made him jump and almost fall. He got busted after that.)

Later this morning, as I thought about Walker's little add-on-prayer, I thought about how often I neglect to ask God to help me avoid temptations. Such a simple, obvious thing to do; and I often don't.

So, I guess, in a round-about-sort-of-way, I'm glad Walker got into the candy bowl last week.


  1. That sweet tooth that Walker has reminds me of someone....hmmmm. Oh those little add on prayers are sometimes the best ones! I've noticed if I say a prayer when the thought comes into my head instead of waiting for "just the right time" things get a little easier...Thank you God for that!

    Love to see all the things you guys do and hope to get to do a few things with you soon!

  2. Your boy cracks me up.... he is sure to keep you on your toes. I am thinking by the post from Yaya that Walker takes after you!?!?

    It is amazing how God will use even the littlest one to be a reminder to us. I too need to pray more for my temptations. Thanks Yaya for sharing... I will pray when it pops into my head rather than waiting for some "alone" time with Him.

    You write some good stuff!!!!

  3. I think Walker could pray for Marvin not to sneak candy from the candy bowl too. I just bought a bag of fun size butterfingers yesterday and they are just about gone tonight.