31 March 2011

for the grandparents...

...and any of the rest of you that are interested!

Walker made three versions of this video. He was disappointed with the low-volume playback on the first two cuts. Thus the loud, somewhat angry sounding, read-aloud voice. Click here to see Wilson read the same book for the first time a few years back...


  1. Thats so cute! He did such a great job of sounding out those words and upside down too! awesome! I honestly don't know how kids learn to read without phonics! good job MOM/Teacher!!

  2. Both the videos are great...it is amazing how fast those guys grow! Love that Walker has to direct the production too...he's a trip and a half...Tomorrow begins my countdown!

  3. That is adorable!!! He did so good, especially reading upside down!!! Wow! What books?

  4. Did you record this when we were there cause he had the same chocolate marks on his face then too :)
    I love how LOUD he was, Fran was sleeping next to me when it started and it frightened her!

    Good job Walker!