04 March 2011

good stuff

Y'all! We've had a pretty great week! I hope you have too!

Did I ever tell you that we were officially approved by the State of GA for our adoption? I can't remember if I did tell you that or not... We found that out in January. That was good news, I feel bad if I hadn't mentioned it before.

So we're still waiting. And in the waiting God is just reassuring my heart. We got a sweet email from our caseworker this week. She said she thinks of us often and that God will bring about what He has promised at the right time (His time). I think that is a pretty sweet email from a public government office worker. No doubt God had arranged for it to arrive in my inbox on a day that it was especially appreciated.

Also, I tried my hand at patching jeans. Four pair of Walker's jeans have holes in the knees (FOUR PAIRS!!!) I didn't think I could actually use my machine to sew around the patches in those little legs so I just used heat-n-bond. It totally didn't work. Not even a little bit.

And today the little hole in these jeans... got a lot bigger.You should've heard his explanation for how that happened... Something like, "Well, I didn't remember that there was a hole in this pair and I put my hand on here, and then, and now look at them." Hmmm? Questionable story Mister.

Behind Walker in that picture is Brad's reward for his first trash-picking venture. I seriously ran upstairs to grab the camera when he was walking down the sidewalk carrying it. I was too slow though. Our neighbor put it out to the road because he's moving. Of course, Brad didn't just go pick it off the curb and bring it home, he went up to the door first. I figure its a good first step, maybe someday down the road, he'll be OK with me picking up treasures from our neighbors' trash too. Maybe. Someday.

And this week was the last week of our Bible Study group. Barbie thought of a great little gift idea for the ladies, so she helped me make these tiles when she was here... My only job was to think of a word for them. And I couldn't Finally I remembered that the co-teacher had come up with a single word to sum up each chapter. "Chosen" was the word for the last chapter... which made for the perfect way to remind the ladies of the lessons in this study. They really liked them.
There were some lovely nuggets in the last chapter too... here are a couple of my favorites...

"This moment - whether you are preparing for a deployment, experiencing one, or looking forward to its close - {or waiting for an adoption, or whatever else your day entails} - is your time. Today, with its joys and frustrations, makes up part of the road God intended for you."

"While the purpose God has chosen for you in this moment might not seem so glamorous, you can know that He will use it for good."

"Courage comes from God, but we must choose to accept it. As we consider the purpose God's given us, we may not like the idea of feeling uncomfortable with some of the things He may ask us to do. Maybe we don't want to try new things, we don't want to risk anything, or we don't want to disappoint others or ourselves; so we worry and fuss rather than asking God to show us how to step up to the plate. But by whining and balking against the purposes the Lord has for us, we reject His gift. In choosing to reject courage, we choose to miss out."

See, I told you, good stuff, huh?


  1. First off, I totally think Walker is innocent...I am sure his hand just slipped and the rip happened. Hee hee

    Second, way to go Brad...I think he may be onto another career... Pickers.

    Lastly, I love how you allow God to use you to love, help, teach, whatever He calls you to for others. Love ya!!!!

  2. I was going to post in a farther down blog but I didn't know how often you went and looked at the old posts???

    I love the photos of the boys back to back and the sunset behind them it was amazing!

    It looks like you had a great summer weekend. And I can't wait for s'mores!