30 March 2011

powerful playlist

Even before I knew he was "the one," Brad melted my heart with music. We met in the summer of 2000. Right after I got back from Africa, we were on a wilderness trip together. Shortly after that trip, I was flying to AZ to meet my college roommate's brand new baby girl. I asked Brad if he had any cd's I could borrow, seeing as how all my music was a year old, and had been my major source of entertainment for the year I spent in Africa. He gave me a CD case with a bunch of burned CD's for my trip. CD's I assumed he had laying around his apartment. One in particular was labeled "Christian Mix Blue." Of course, the title intrigued me and I spent my flight listening to songs that stirred my soul and resonated with me. And I thought, "Wow, this guy has great taste in music." Every song I heard, I liked a little better than the song before. What I didn't find out until much later was that Brad had burned most of those CD's specifically for me - a fact that might've freaked me out a tiny bit if I had known it then.

Even now, Brad knows what a gift music is to me. Often he will surprise me by downloading a new favorite song to my playlist. Its always a treat for me. My current playlist jump-starts most mornings at our house. I often put it on when Walker and I are working on things in the kitchen or picking up around the house. It keeps my mind from lingering on things it shouldn't be (I'm an over-thinker), it lifts my spirit, and it gives me perspective.

All that to tell you about two things that happened with my playlist in the last week. Yesterday my heart melted when Wilson started out his Tuesday morning singing along to "I Refuse."

My prayer is that his 7-year-old heart would begin to comprehend the meaning of those words, and the beauty of a life that is lived wholeheartedly for God.

Last week as I was cooking and Walker was at the table coloring, we were listening to my playlist and I wasn't really paying that close of attention to the song that was on... I guess I was trying to stick to my recipe.

Walker looked up and said, "she's just kidding though, right?"
And I replied,"What do you mean? Who's just kidding?"
He said, "The woman's husband didn't really run away, right?"

Immediately I heard the song's chorus playing from the other room and knew that Walker was listening carefully to the words of this song. I then talked with him about the uncomfortable truth that sometimes people don't stay married forever. It wasn't a conversation I would've planned but I think it was a good one. I was thankful to have been able to chat with him about it in a way that he understood.

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  1. aw! Brad's so sweet! :)

    I'd never listened to the words of the second song. Aren't these little 4 year olds something else?! It is amazing what they hear and pick up on!

    Thanks for posting that song. Such a good one!