18 March 2011

springtime science

Walker has been doing some "science" this week... We've been observing our magnolia bushes as the buds have been coming... He did some sketching of his observations this week...
He would study the bush for a bit, and then intently draw some more...
I didn't take a very good picture of his final sketch. He came inside and then transferred his sketch to a bigger piece of paper. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture of that this weekend...
Spring is my favorite time of year. It was fun to sit outside and watch Walker take it all in... we listened to the birds chirping. There was a little bit of chill in the wind, enough to make it still feel like spring, but the sun warmed our skin. I love that God designed seasons, the annual reminders of His faithfulness. I know the seasons aren't the same everywhere, but I am guessing that God's creativity lends itself to lessons of His faithfulness throughout the whole-wide world.

and I really couldn't write this post without adding this video to it... another Steven Curtis Chapman song, from his latest album. "Spring is Coming" Its a beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics, a great encouragement to me right now.


  1. He so cute and intent on his task, love that boy.

  2. Love that W2 is loving spring with you. That's a great song; hadn't heard it before. I love spring to. Quite refreshing!

    I'm not too attentive with gardening either. Hopefully this year will be better!

  3. The picture of him through the tree is great...I'm calling it "budding" artist! Love you guys heard it was delightfully hot there yesterday, I'm getting my summer clothes ready for the trip instead of spring clothes!

  4. Nice pictures of Walker. Spring is wonderful!