09 March 2011

wacky Wednesday

the week'o'fun celebrating Dr. Seuss continues... today was "Wacky Wednesday" it was tough for Wilson to find something WACKY in his closet, then we came across the poncho he made last year in 1st grade. He even added a wacky expression to go with the outfit for the picture... (He had it on when he got off the bus!)So, this isn't really wacky, just cute. Still in his pj's this morning, being super. Love it. I had the privilege of making 3 super hero capes this week... I always hope the kids that get them enjoy them. (I know two of the boys, their mom is giving them as big brother gifts, because she is due with baby boy #3 very, very soon!)
And then I whipped this thing up today. As I was getting off the phone with Barbie, I joked that I didn't have to do my hair because of the rain. Then I made a headband to hold back the crazy from my face.
The lady at Bit of Benning said I should make some for the shop. I thought Brad would roll his eyes when he saw it. That would've probably been slightly better than the look he gave me. I must say, I did get an old-school-Madonna song stuck in my head after I looked in the mirror.


  1. You, my friend, make me smile! I love seeing your pretty face on your blog! Good job on the headband! And those boys... too cute!

  2. "I'm going to dress you up in my love, all over, all over ..."

    I love the headband. I want one. (:

    Love the boys pics...wacky wilson, tell him he was so silly I was scared.

    And Walker, what a cutie... we're on skype now, are you? I think Jack would love to talk to the boys on it... love ya

  3. LOVE your headband! Now I feel like I can leave you a comment since I told you I was stalking you. :)

  4. You look so much like your dad in that picture! Love it.

  5. do you have a tutorial for the head band. I'd love one! I'm sure my husband will make the same face brad did! :) But I still think they are cute!

  6. First the capris for Jack and now this headband thing. I am at a lost for words. Sandy