16 May 2011

belated birthday presents...

thankfully it was overcast (and cool... borderline chilly in my opinion) so we got to take some outdoor family pictures minus shadows and sunlight. I think we captured a couple good ones too... a few were taken earlier in the morning and the rest down at the River walk.

I almost forgot to get one with my momma, but somehow I remembered at the last minute......and we got one with the boys with Yaya...
I know Walker's face is hidden in my hair, but I just love that it captures his adoration of my hair. I know he won't always love burying his face in my hair.

I really like this one of the boys.
and this one, I think, is adorable!
not our greatest family picture ever... but that's ok, we'll probably need another one taken before too long anyway.
I like this one too, even if Wilson isn't looking at the camera... I think he's looking at his Yaya, which makes it that much sweeter.
I'm thankful for the willing participants. I think these are my favorite birthday presents!


  1. awesome pics! and your hair looks amazing!!!!

  2. Okay, I'm posting a Bug becaues I'm too lazy to sign him out and sign me back in.

    Brad has the same squinty problem JC usually has! You look stunning in the family picture! And I love the ones of the boys on the sidewalk by themselves! Great photos!

    Do you use Google's Picasa? I just learned that you can update it and it has Picnik which is really fun to play with.

    Love you guys! {Jenn P}