02 May 2011

a "greats" weekend

we were delighted to have a visit from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Fritz this weekend. We had beautiful weather as a backdrop to our lovely visit... The boys took advantage of daddy watering the lawn and ran through the sprinkler a bit...Wilson and Great Grandpa Fritz played that hand-slapping game... does it have a name???
Great Grandpa Fritz was a tough one to get!
I sort of wish that giant dog wasn't in this picture, because I think its a great picture. We really, really enjoyed their visit and we were grateful that they were able to extend their vacation a couple days so they could come our way from Uncle Steve's house in SC. We took them to the Infantry Museum and Chick-Fil-A ;) on Saturday... of course, I brought my camera along, but I left it in my purse!

Oh, and this is just for a little giggle. I don't remember what we said to Wilson right before this picture was snapped. But he wasn't happy. I think it shows that he will make an awesome old man one day.


  1. the hand slapping game is called "hot hands". That old man pose is adorable of Wilson, thats definitely a pic for his graduation party! Colson was looking at the pics with me and he says, "it's that warm down there?" (looking at the fun in the sprinkler pics!)

  2. It is incredible that your boys still have their Greats around!