08 May 2011

"Halfway Through It"

it's been a busy weekend around here... beginning with Yaya flying in on Friday! Walker and I picked her up at the airport, her arrival surprised us because we thought we had another 20 minutes before her flight was going to land.... We hurried home so we would make it to Wilson's Blue & Gold Banquet that night. He's pretty proud of his achievements!Crossing the bridge... no longer a Wolf Cub Scout, he's now a Bear!
Part of the table decor included tin cans the scouts had decorated and the leader filled with trinkets and dum-dum suckers. You can see these two had fun with the little games they found in their cans!

Of course, I took no pictures of the rest of the family at the Blue & Gold ceremony. Brad ran 10 miles for PT that morning; Mom traveled all day; and Walker and I felt as though we had too, so we were all pretty tired out.

And we had the post-wide yard sale on Saturday morning. Not to mention, my "Halfway Through It" birthday bash. Thankfully, I received an early birthday present Saturday morning via some thrift-store-owners... they came to our sale at about 9:30 ish and bought nearly every thing that we had left. I think we had sold about $13 worth of stuff before they came. All we had left after their departure was a handful of toys and a few clothing items. We kept the "sale" going for another hour to give Wilson a chance to sell some more lemonade. (You can read about that on his blog).

We went out to lunch and walked around downtown, AKA "Uptown Columbus." The weather was nearly perfect. Lunch was great too. We came home and relaxed... the boys and Mom made my birthday cake, while Brad went to buy groceries for our Mother's Day meals, and I chatted with some of my birthday-well-wishers.

Brad has declared this my "Halfway Through It" birthday. I do believe, however, that I have another 5-7 years before I reach that milestone, at least based on genetics. I love that joker-face-husband of mine... even if he is considerably younger than me! ;)

It was a wonderful day. I am blessed beyond measure and feel as though each year is truly better than the one before. It was wonderful to have all day to spend with Brad, the boys, and my mom! I am sort of spoiled!

Oh, and Walker and I were outside in the late afternoon eating Popsicles. He was chatting me up about the day, and said to me "Don't forget, Daddy is going to say you are halfway through it tomorrow."
I said, "I know!"
And Walker replied, "But you aren't really halfway through it, you are just getting started out."

Brad kicked off Mother's Day for us by making waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. We went to church, listened to a great sermon and came home for some more yummy lunch prepared by Brad... and the boys, of course.

I'm hoping to get a family photo squeezed in sometime this evening, but we'll have to play it by ear - our cupcakes today had blue frosting so I might wait a day or two for that picture. I usually have to squeeze it in on my birthday or Mother's Day though, because the participants aren't big fans of the family photo op.


  1. How old are you that they think you're half way through it??? My Great x2 Gramma lived until 103 so I have many years before I get close to that mile marker! :)

    I hope it was a grand birthday. Sure sounded as if it was.

  2. Nice post Mandy. I am glad you are having fun with family and that you enjoyed your Birthday and Mother's Day!!