02 May 2011

on becoming an active family

so, you might have noticed a slight evolution in our family habits. Obviously, being in shape is part of Brad's job. Running has been a challenge for him, but gradually God has placed people in Brad's life that have pushed him beyond where he was. It started in Africa and continues here... The fear of being labeled a "BMW" has motivated my running... (do you know what a BMW is? Big Military Wife). No, that's not really what started it... I guess I wanted to be healthy, and I also wanted to be able to relate some with Brad in regard to running. If I run, I can understand better the challenges he faces in his running. It started in Oklahoma for me, and continues here...

Recently, a friend of mine gave me her old jogging stroller. She ran with her 4-year-old in it, but once he was able to ride his bike (for 6 miles!) she decided she wanted to pass it on. She told me that its been beaten-down over the years, but as long as the wheels are in good shape and Brad shoves the frame out periodically it would be good to go. Walker loves his new ride. Muskoka is just happy that I am running outside instead of on a treadmill at the clubhouse. Its quite a challenge to push it up some of the hills around here, but over all, I think its helping my running quite a bit. And two weeks ago, we kicked off a family run-bike ride tradition. I'm thinking its a good thing that I had been pushing that stroller for a couple weeks before we hit the trail with the little-cyclists! Those kiddos are FAST on their bikes... at least in comparison to my comfortable running pace. We stuck together, but I had Muskoka and Wilson with me, while Brad helped out Walker. The first time out, we went 3 miles. Walker fell quite a few times...or jumped off his bike while it was moving, either way you look at it - he ended up with a few bruises. And Brad got a whopper of a bruise on his shin. I think there were a handful of serious cyclists on the river trail that were not impressed with our family efforts. At least we picked up the dog poop.

This picture is from our 2nd time out together. Brad suggested we make it a Saturday morning thing, but when we had company this week, we pushed it back to Sunday afternoon. We only went 2 miles this time because it was a bit on the warm side. The boys did awesome and Walker didn't even fall! And Muskoka only took one poop break (I know you were curious about that).
It is quite invigorating to get out there and exercise. And its especially fun to do it as a family. I think I run better when I am keeping my eye on Wilson instead of focusing on myself. The kids think its great, its good for us, and its free! Its a win-win-win!


  1. Is this one of the "fun" things you have in store for me....uh oh!

  2. You go girl!!!!! I really must get back into the habit. You're motivating me.

  3. I'm so behind reading your blog. LIfe is much to fast-paced this-a-way! I will catch up soon!

    Family time, family memories are so wonderful. And what better way than being outdoors and exercising! How fun! {I'm ashamed to say we don't have C on a bike yet. NEED to do that!}