11 May 2011


so, I kinda have mixed feelings about these smart phones... I even chatted with my dad about the accuracy of this commercial...

but, now that I am older, maybe I'm ready. At least, Brad thought so, because that's what he got me for my birthday/mother's day. This week I am learning... and I seem an awful lot like those people in the commercial... thankfully nobody has thrown a baseball at my head... yet.

I did have to ask my friend how to check my voicemail yesterday. Awesome.


  1. you are gonna love it, eventually! like anything techno it requires play time to familiarize yourself to all the apps! With my phone I can post right to my blog! it really is amazing all you can do from your phone!

  2. jealous. really. rene.

  3. better watch out...

    I would be addicted! :)

  4. What a sweet hubby, you have!!!! You'll have to update us on how you like it....I am with Rene... jealous!!!!!