18 May 2011

something as silly as a table

Did you know we've been considering a new table since before Christmas? Its true. The table we had worked perfectly for the four of us, and we could make it do with patio chairs if we had a small amount of company. But knowing that God was expanding our family through adoption made us realize we needed a bigger table...

And the search began. But it wasn't until we could earmark some of our tax return $ that we really started looking. We set a budget, which at first seemed huge, until we started looking at furniture stores! Wow, dining room table sets are kinda pricey! We started looking at thrift stores again, I was making a weekly walk-through at a couple places to see if I could find something just right. My friend, Amy, (that recently had her first baby-awesome story there!) joked that we couldn't have a child placed with us until we found a table. While I appreciated her urgency, I knew we could make do for a day or two if we had too... we still have those patio chairs.

Probably in the last month I started looking on craigslist. I'm leery of being murdered by a stranger so it wasn't my first thought to look there. But thankfully, military people move all-the-time and aren't that attached to their furniture. I started seeing a lot of dining room tables listed as "Fort Benning." Most of them were small. Many were just not at all what we were looking for.

And then there was this one. {I know this would be the perfect time for a picture of the whole set, but Brad took that with his phone and I didn't think about it until I started typing this.} It was originally listed for $800. It wasn't the style we would go to the store and pick out. We like clean lines and simple. This is not that. But... it works so well with our gorgeous buffet, and those expensive curtains that have been moving around with us.

I kept checking craigslist daily and noticed that the price on this set kept dropping. We decided we needed to check it out... And it came home with us for less than half of our original budget! Woo-hoo!

And because we are certain that God intends to bless our family with more sticky-fingered-messy-kiddos, we knew the creamy fabric wasn't a great fit...So we took advantage of the extra labor and expertise of Yaya last week and did some family bonding over the seats. Walker wanted to be involved every step of the way...

I hate to think of what might've happened if Yaya wasn't here... or if Barbie hadn't lovingly threatened to call me "Grandma" if I covered those seats with cheap vinyl... We found a great dark brown pleather-ish fabric and a 50% off coupon at Jo-Ann's... I think they look pretty great.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I feel like finding a great table and then making it work for our family has been a huge encouragement to me. I can't go buy baby clothes for our new kiddo, I don't know if I'll need a bassinet or big bed. But I do know God is at work in the details. I do believe He is going to grow our family through adoption and somehow, this table reflects our faith in Him to do it.

Eventually we'll add a couple more chairs, but we aren't rushing that. The kind I have pictured in my head can be purchased just about anywhere...(this is sort of what I'm thinking)

I am kinda waiting to see if we'll need a highchair first. ;)


  1. Awesome!!!!!!! Excellent choice. Very "not grandmaish" at all!!
    I can not wait to see them in person!!!!

  2. OOOOhhhh Amanda....Barbie likes them! YEAH! I feel much better now! Thanks Barbie, I was afraid you might think them Yayaish!

  3. Wow, I'm in love with that set....looks great.

    So sweet what you said about the your new kiddo too.

  4. Makes me a little weepy. Good for you for preparing for rain...or in your words, sticky fingers. :)