24 May 2011

we kicked off the morning with some Alice Cooper...

...because... "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER..." and for unknown reasons, whenever we arrive at the last day of school I can't help but belt out some Alice Cooper. And the boys look at me like I am making up my own song... and then when they hear Alice Cooper sing it they look at me in disbelief, "like really? there's a song like that in real life?"

So the actual last day of school is not until Friday but because Brad has leave this week we worked out a deal with Mrs. Z. so Wilson could spend more time with Daddy. She helped get everything ready for Wilson and gave him his end-of-the-year treat bag yesterday. We are so thankful for her. She has been a wonderful teacher and again we feel blessed that Wilson has had such a great year at school.and for a reminder of what his first day of 2nd grade looked like:


  1. Hope you all have a super duper great summer.... make some plans to come this way!!! The pool is open and the water is getting warmer every day!!!!!

  2. too funny, I sing that for the kids when we finish our last day! never thought of playing it for them! So glad he was able to end a few days early to enjoy his dad's leave time!