31 May 2011

"well, that was ...


We had the greatest getaway weekend with David & Casey! I'm not sure exactly when the plan was hatched, but we decided to get-together for the long weekend, and to ease the driving we decided to pick a place to meet up rather than staying at one of our houses. We chose near Asheville, NC. We found a cabin on vrbo.com. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant about what to expect, but I think we did alright with our choosing...

Here are the guys on the porch by the front door...

{and the pics are in random order, so please overlook that annoyance}

Walker tried out the fountain downtown Asheville...
and both of the boys enjoyed multiple dips in the hot tub on the deck... as did Uncle David & Daddy... for some reason I only got in once, and Aunt Casey opted out for the sake of not cooking baby. Good call. The guys enjoyed it a lot though!
I don't remember the name of this creek but its by Chimney Rock, NC. The boys had fun playing around in it... (until someone notified us of a snake...)
We all waded in it a bit, it was so cold & refreshing!

here is a collage with some other views from the cabin as well as more from the creek...

We went to the 11th annual Mountain Sports Festival, it wasn't exactly what we expected (we decided maybe the first or second day would've been a little better than the last day), but there was fun to be had - the boys tried out the climbing wall. I was really bummed that I had a dress on so I couldn't do it - or wait, no I wasn't.
I actually forgot the camera so all these pics are from my phone. I somehow missed taking a single picture of David or Casey, so I guess we'll have to do this again... ;) I think if I had the camera I would have actually taken some of those kind of pictures, the phone/camera thing doesn't seem legit for those kind of pics - at least in my mind - for now. Maybe one day I'll get it.

Anyway, it was great to get to spend time together with them. I'm not sure why it has taken us this long to plan something like that... hopefully it won't be that long before we do it again. I'm guessing the next time we see them will be in their hometown when we meet the little man on his way! So excited about that!


  1. so this looks like an amazing vacation. your phone takes great photos too! how are you liking the smart phone? :)

  2. We live in Asheville! Where did you rent the cabin?

  3. I'm behind checking blogs. That's a sign life is too busy! Looks like a great trip! And happy {late} birthday, Brad.