06 June 2011

gone fishin'

...{like two weeks ago}... but I never posted the pictures, so here you go. Koka wasn't sure what to think about this little fish hanging on a string in front of her nose...
I didn't really pose Wilson well so its hard to see the fish hanging in front of his camo. shirt. I guess camo does work at times. He is an adorable little fisher, isn't he?
Walker was reeling in itty-bitty-fish all afternoon. He loved it. We ate this one. Raw. Right there on the pier. Or not. (just checking to make sure you read all the words).

And afterwards, the boys played in the backyard with squirt guns & the sprinkler while Daddy watered the lawn... I especially like this one which captures Walker swinging on his belly face-first to the sprinkler. That's our Walker... all out, all the time.


  1. When I read that they ate the fish "raw" I was like, "wow those boys are gutsy" then I laughed after I read the next phrase! those little guys are so adorable! miss you all so much! thanks for sharing them with us via pictures!!

  2. Great pics Amanda...I'm saying hi, so that means I am still alive...although I feel like garbage...how are the boys?

    Love ya!

  3. But you did fry them up, right? It's always nice when you catch SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I don't think I've seen JC or the boys catch anything in all their fishing adventures. And boy have they been adventures!

    Growing up in AK, we would catch our limit of salmon everyday, when we went to Valdez to fish. Very different from OK fishing!!!

  4. Raw Fish...yes I was reading:)
    I just though, maybe that's how they do it "down south"