19 June 2011

Survey Says... {round two}

Father's Day Survey - 2011

...the boys originally answered the same survey questions in 2009, you can click here to see their answers then...

What is something your Dad always says to you?
Wilson: um, let's see here...."stop fighting"
Walker: I think its 'not to be naughty.'

How tall is your Daddy?
Wilson: hmmm... 5 foot 4
Walker: shrugs shoulder

What makes your Dad...
a. Happy?
Wilson: us not fighting
Walker: when we don't fight

b. sad?
Wilson: us fighting
Walker: when we fight

c. laugh?
Wilson: that's a hard one... me saying something funny
Walker: nothing

What is his favorite thing to do?
Wilson: Spend time with the family.
Walker: I think his favorite thing to do is probably wash the car, that is probably why he washed the car yesterday.

What does he do when you are not around?
Wilson: Yard work
Walker: He sometimes grills out.

What does he eat for breakfast?
Wilson: cereal
Walker: Sometimes he eats something that is brand new, like Frosted Flakes or Honey Nut Cheerios.

What is his favorite food?
Wilson: he never really told me that, but I'll go for "Brats!"
Walker: I think steak.

What is he really good at?
Wilson: Soaking us with water
Walker: Grilling

What do you and Daddy do together?
Wilson: Play the Wii
Walker: Sometimes play board games, and when you and Wilson were at Cub Scouts, Dad and me wrestled, that's what he likes to do with me.

How do you know he loves you?
Wilson: He will play the xBox with me
Walker: Sometimes he picks me up at church and I think that means he loves me.

What is your Dad's job?
Wilson: Medic
Walker: To get money.

Is there anything else you want to say?
Wilson: uh-uh
Walker: shakes head no


  1. oh my gosh, I have tears in my eyes from that post! awesome! adorable! so precious!

  2. Those boys know there Daddy, and they know him in different ways...since they are both different I think that makes this survey perfect! He is a GREAT Daddy!