23 July 2011

birthday recap

Wilson's recap is a brief one... his birthday was a long one!

As you know it started a day early with a surprise cake at Uncle David & Aunt Casey's house... then he spent his actual birthday in the van on the way home. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel per his request. We split the Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake for dessert - because that was the cake he wanted me to make, and he wanted to compare the two... He opened his birthday cards when he got home from NC. If I remember correctly, he also had a package waiting for him, and his gift from Miss Barbie. We took pictures with my phone but they all turned out crappy. (excuse the language, Dad)

Tuesday was the official observance of his birthday - the day he gets out of having to do any family work whatsoever. We all look forward to our "day off." Unfortunately, we did have to go to the commissary, but it wasn't too bad. Wil requested ravioli and green beans for dinner! How awesomely simple! I made the Cracker Barrel Double Fudge Coca Cola Cake for dessert...

Sweet 8 year old grin, love it!

Blowing out the candles....
Wil took one bite and said, "this is WAY better than Cracker Barrel's cake!" Brad and I took a bite and looked at each other, I think we were both thinking the same thing..."not even close."

Then Wilson said, "Yes, IT IS better its not as rich!"

Oh, that explains it. Brad and I would've preferred rich, Wilson prefers not so rich. It was tough but we eventually managed to eat nearly the whole pan this week.

Overall, I think it was a good birthday for Wilson.

So, in case I try again, any tips on making a richer chocolate cake from scratch? I looked a bit online and other recipes seemed to use at least double the amount of cocoa that my recipe called for, but with similar amounts of flour & sugar. Is there a secret "rich baking cocoa" that I need to look for? One more question... what is a "sheet cake pan?" A 9x13 or a cookie sheet?


  1. You are so sweet with your cooking endeavors! I love it. I have a recipe for sauce pan brownies that starts out with me melting butter and chocolate squares. They are the richest, most delicious brownies ever. Unfortunately, the recipe is packed so I cannot pass it on but this recipe looks about the same


    If you want to make them even fudgeir then put a bit less flower in them. I know it's not a cake secret but they were my favorite as a child and on in to adulthood.

    I am thrilled for wonderful birthday's and family visits!

  2. A sheet cake is baked in a cookie sheet. They're great because the cake to frosting ratio is way better!!! :)

    Love that he had such a great birthday. Celebrating with your children has to be one of life on earth's greatest rewards!